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Perry Homes

Perry Homes has model homes open in the neighborhoods of Cedar Wood, Crystal Cove and Emerald Shore.

Perry Homes offers a variety of designs ranging from 1,800 – 4,900 square feet. Premium waterfront homes are available in the neighborhoods of Autumn Brook, Edgewater and Crystal Cove.

Homes and designs offered by Perry Homes can be viewed on their web site at www.perryhomes.com. To reserve your Perry Home at Shadow Creek Ranch please call one of the following Perry Homes sales offices:

Country Glen, Cedar Wood, Piney Trails & Orchard Village: 1,800-3,200 sq. ft.: 713-436-7880

Crystal Cove & Edgewater : 2,050-4,100 sq. ft.: 713-436-8751

Azalea Creek, Autumn Brook & Emerald Shore: 3,000-4,900 sq. ft.: 713-436-1550

(Clicking on name of neigborhood will take you to the Perry Homes web site page for that neighborhood where you can find more information including plans and inventory homes.)

Download current pricing and contact information for all builders here: Shadow Creek Ranch Builder List

Search for current inventory homes here:
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